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Your parents will never tell you who their favourite child is.
But this machine will.

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Favourite Child Detector
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Step 2.

Select a parent to test and add family members to the photo frames.

Step 3.

Click 'Detect Favourite Child' and find out if you're the favourite child. Or not.

Congrats! You're officially the favourite child in your family.

So you’re the Luke Dunphy of your family huh? Chances are you’re just that extra bit more, well, likeable than your siblings. It’s also why your Christmas presents usually cost about 5% more than everyone elses.

Ouch! Sorry looks like you're not the favourite child in your family.

Oh dear, looks like you’re the Haley Dunphy of your family. You’re probably a little bit more rebellious than your siblings and deep down that can drive your folks nuts. (Not that you care that much what they think.)

So apparently you do play favourites with your kids.

Well, well, well looks like there's a bit of a Phil Dunphy in you after all. You're a great parent but deep down you have a favourite child. Admit it, is just that teeny-tiny bit more likeable. And smarter. And possibly better looking. Just don't tell .

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Why not test your friends, roommates or even your dog this time? (Remember these are modern families we're talking about.)

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